Phoenix Durability X Design

Archway Marine Lighting is an authorized distributor for Phoenix Lighting featuring the SturdiSignal Series of Navigation Lights.

Their modular design allows for toolless maintenance on the water with no electrician required. The lights provide safe and reliable illumination of to 6 nautical miles! The built-in sensor continuously monitors the LED brightness and the autonomous operation doubles the LED lifetime.

The lights are available in a variety of visibility ranges and LED color options. 

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

Our sales team members are product experts and can help you configure the perfect SturdiSignal Navigation lights for your needs. Just call us at (800) 737-1314

SturdiSignal Series Navigation Lights

Click the links below to download spec sheets and other information

Here is a handy checklist to narrow down the best light configuration for your needs.

Click on the image to download the Spec Sheets for SturdiSignal Navigation Lights.

Here is a guide to find the right lights for Vessels LESS than 50 Meters (165 Feet)

Here is the guide to find the best SturdiSignal Navigation Lights for vessels GREATER than 50 Meters (165 Feet)

Download this PDF to learn all about the Mounting Plates for the SturdiSignal Navigation Lights from Phoenix Lighting

To order your SturdiSignal Navigation Lights, Call Us at (800) 737-1314