ACR SM-3 # 3947


Man Overboard Light. 3 Mile Visibility, Water Activated, Xenon Strobe, Ring Buoy Rescue Light

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Operates on 2 AA Lithium batteries and the batteries are user-replaceable. USCG/MED/SOLAS approved for use around the world and this durable LED marker light. Bright light in all directions (360° visibility)
UV resistant polycarbonate case
Lightweight and compact in size
Easy bracket installation
Bracket is included and maintains same hole pattern as SM-2 for easy retrofit
Automatically rights itself and activates when in the water
High intensity LED strobe
Floats upright in all conditions
Minimum 40 hours continuous operating life at 30oC (86oF) or over 24 hours at -1oC (30oF)
User-Replaceable AA Energizer L91 Lithium Batteries (Not Included)


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