9823430LM 200SCC


White Stern Light, Steady Burn, Battery Operated, 6V L.E.D.
Use Rayovac 941C OR 944C.

Empco Barge Lights 200 Series Stern Light


Navigation Portable Stern Light, Magnetic Base, L.E.D. 6V
Capable of operating on one to four spring terminal batteries
External stainless steel hardware throughout
Top case & name plate color coded for ease of installation
Up to 30 days sidelight usage with Ray-O-Vac 6V HDM batteries
Up to 160 days special flashing light usage with Ray-O-Vac 6V HDM batteries
Exceeds U.S. Coast Guard Specifications
Visibility exceeds 3 nautical miles for vessels 50 meters or more in length
Special flashing light exceeds 2 nautical miles
Optically correct lenses for the ultimate in photometrics
Lens has built-in screens for each light application


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