Marine Sport # 1007123
NEXTGEN – 50in LL Series LED & LASER Dual Row High Performance Light Bar with 5-Watt Optical Diodes
IP Rating: IP67
Wattage: 525 Watts
Voltage: 10-30VDC
Amps: 16.6A
Kelvin: 6000k
Lumens: 47,250lm
Lighting Distance: 1 Lux @ 1566M
Net Weight: 11.013

Marine Sport Dual Row LL Series Light Bar


The new LL Series light bars from Race Sport Lighting provide up to over 1-mile of light range.
The Laser + LED light bars have the high power LED diodes you trust in the opticals for the wide range, PLUS a Laser light scope in the middle for a very focused straight beam that travels as far as 1.2 miles down the road or path. This is the 1st generation of premium dual function laser light bars released by Race Sport lighting as we continue to strive to provide functional light bars that people can use in their adventures and travels in secluded destinations.

Because of the extreme power of these light bars, it is not recommended to use these on road in congested areas with other cars in every day driving situations.

Wattage: 200W (5 Per Diode)
Voltage: 12V
Amps: 16.6A
Lumens: 29,000LM
Lighting Distance: 1 Lux @ 1566M