# 1005329 50W, 12-32VDC, Motorized LED Spot Light, 360° Rotation x 120° Tilt, Black Housing

Marine Sport Spot Light


Marine Sport Lighting’s RSM50WB marine grade LED search light features a total of 50 watts of CREE LED diode power, projecting light to distances over 3,000 ft, which means increased visibility during those late-night cruises on the water.

This search light has a motorized 360-degree swivel left to right, and it also pivots up and down at 120 degrees. The included RF remote control maneuvers the light from up to a max distance of 320 feet away. Which mean you can conventionally aim the search light, via the remote, to illuminate the water while landing that epic catch!
• 360° Rotation x 120° Tilt
• UV Ray and Saltwater Resistant
• Wireless handheld Remote Control Options
• Weatherproof for Land and Sea Applications
• Permanent mount & magnetic mounting options included
• 1 Year Warranty”


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